Bill Reed

An internationally recognized practitioner, lecturer, and leading authority in sustainability and regenerative planning, design and implementation, Bill is a principal in Integrative Design, Inc. and Regenesis. These organizations are transforming environmentally damaging developments and practices into environmentally and socially conscious habitats and communities that result in ecosystemic thriving. Bill's work centers on creating and implementing a whole and living-systems integrative design process. The benefits of this process include higher efficiency, lower costs, reduced waste, faster time to market, and the realization of exponential value to the social, ecological, financial and human qualities of a project, the community and its ecosystem.


Bill is an author of many technical articles and contributed to many books including being co-author of the seminal work, "Integrative Design Guide to Green Building." In addition to being a co-founder of LEED and considered one of the leading thinkers in the field, he has also consulted on over two hundred green design commissions, the majority which are LEED Gold and Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects. He is a keynote speaker at major building and design events as well as a guest lecturer to universities throughout Europe, Australia, and North America including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and UPenn.


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