Joyous Presence

Sean Staub, aka Joyous Presence, has devoted himself to a path of joy, abundance and transformation. In his journey on the road less traveled, Joyous has acquired wisdom significantly beyond his years in the fields of health, diet, nutrition, healing, emotional literacy and esoteric wisdom. A certified Hatha Yoga instructor, intuitive body worker, activated visionary guide and awakened global citizen, Joyous is here to share optimal well-being and inspire others to realize their highest limitless purpose, passion, and potential.


As the Founder of Timeless Solutions, Co-Founder of Transformative Group, and as Executive Director of Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3, Joyous has used his ability for inspiration, along with visionary business development and implementation, to transform education paradigms through the integration of experiential learning, with premier learning technology, and advanced LMS, and integration of physical learning platform with physical learning centers around the globe. Combining his entrepreneurial spirit, with the past 3 years of devoted attention, learning and designing models to create holistic learning centers, and regenerative community developments, Joyous is prepared to build, strengthen and expand synergistic teams of excellence. Joyous is here to support business leaders, social influencers, educators, parents, and youth of all ages, in discovering their core purpose, passion and potential in life, while leading a lifestyle of significance, longevity and unequivocal joy.


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