Graham Moles

A cultural anthropologist and champion of healthy community planning and implementation, Graham has years of experience in understanding and mediating inter and intra cultural affairs in retreats, resorts and communities. Graham started his professional career in large-scale property management before establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur as the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Retrospek Inc. His role included marketing and brand management and his innovations in online advertising helped the new company become profitable within its first year. The business success afforded him the time for personal reflection and growth. After Retrospek, he spent the next five years of his life exploring inward - studying Vajrayana Buddhism, Taoism, and humanism. His meditations eventually compelled him back into the flow of the world around him, where he used his skills to establish himself as a consultant, helping several startups become viable. In the last few years, after completing a degree in cultural anthropology, he has shifted his efforts toward building healthy, sustainable communities, and managing spiritual retreats. As the founder and CEO of RetreatWell, Graham has developed a conscious travel and management agency that uses economic incentives and certification programs to encourage holistic, evolutionary and sustainable models for the global retreat industry.


As the Director of Holistic Integration for AGI Graham seeks to ensure that all AGI and its ventures are holistically, synergistically and integrally aligned to the principles of AWE, creating dynamics that cause abundance, wellness, and enlightenment to spread throughout the organization. Graham will also direct the integration of AWE Global, Inc. AWE Institute and AWE Communities. In AWE Institute, Graham will develop programs that promote AWE and create open source currency platform that allows all people, including impoverished native groups, to achieve Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.


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