Brittney Williams

lynn ogden

Brittney is passionate about developing processes that empower the emergence of creativity, community and consciousness. As Director of Inspiration & Design of AWE Global, Inc, she manages and facilitates projects and events focused on community development, social innovation, regenerative design, organizational development and supporting the development of AWE's regenerative communities. Her entrepreneurial passion, supported by her artistic creativity, led her to earn an MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute specializing in Sustainable Community & Economic Development, Her BAs in Anthropology and Italian from the University of Washington support her ability to identify leverage points and opportunities for developing sustainable communities emphasizing wellbeing, education, spirituality and culture at the international level.

An advanced facilitator of Dynamic Governance and founder of Creativity Chrysalis, Brittney's experience in sustainable organizational systems design, consulting and facilitation has been used in organizations across Europe, South America and the USA, where she specializes in a systems-thinking approach to team-building, innovation, organizational development and design. Also founder of Seattle-based Community Supported Arts, an arts organization empowering grassroots creativity, her experience as a multidisciplinary artist creating contemplative, participatory art installations with her creative colleagues in Italy has helped her establish local opportunities for empowering creativity & the arts.


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